As Morgantown officials look for ways to better regulate drinking at West Virginia University, recently ranked the No. 1 party school in the country, business owners are up in arms about some of the suggestions.

At the most recent Morgantown City Council meeting, councilman and former mayor Bill Byrne proposed the "last call" time for bars be pushed from 3 a.m. to midnight.

Byrne believes, if bars close earlier, less alcohol-fueled acts of violence would occur in the downtown area.

"You're just asking for trouble. The status quo is not acceptable. Things are starting to get out of hand," he said. "We want to address these disruptions and the criminal activity downtown."

Byrne also suggested that bars allow entrance only to people 21 and over, and that, in addition to Alcohol Beverage Control officers, police be allowed inside establishments.

Although all of those suggestions go against state code, and the council currently has no plans to go through with them, changes are being made to curb violence in other ways, according to Mayor Jim Manilla.

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