Club 228, located on High Street, recently had a grand reopening Tuesday night after the bar's upstairs was remodeled in December.

The entrance of the club was redesigned, the floor was replaced, new paint on the walls, and the whole bar was refurbished, said Mohammad Kay, manager of Club 228.

The remodel was made to attract new business and older clientele to change the bar's image as a "freshman bar," said Ric Hogerheide, Club 228 DJ and promoter.

"Downtown Morgantown has had the same clubs for 10 years," Hogerheide said. "So it has been the same scene for so long, students have become reliant, and we realized it's time to do something about it."

Hogerheide said he hopes the remodel will encourage students to see what the club has to offer.

"Just because we are not 21-plus does not mean we do not cater to those kind of students," he said.

Over a year ago when Club 228 opened, their goal was to change the design of the club every semester in order to keep students interested, Kay said.

After seeing how downtown clubs in Morgantown had a downturn last semester, Kay said he realized it was time for an upgrade.

Downtown clubs face competition from each other, so it's important for each business to have fresh interiors to attract business, he said.

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