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BarSmart Has A Variety of Advertising Options to Meet Your Target Audience.

BarSmart has 10 "C" Banner ad slots that rotate middle/center of the page. Banner Ads are $400 /Month or $999/Qtr.

That averages approximately $2 per 1,000 impressions compared to over $10 per 1,000 impressions of local newspaper online ad rates in Pittsburgh.

BarSmart also has smaller button ads to meet your advertising budget.

"D" Button ads are $200 / Month and rotate with 10 animated ads.

"E" Button ads are $100 / Month and rotate with 10 static ads.

Advertising Policy

All advertising is based on cash or check advance transactions paid to BarSmart, Inc. All advertising content must be reviewed and approved by the BarSmart, Inc who reserve the right to reject any advertisement at any time for any reason. Any Liability to BarSmart, inc will be limited to an amount no higher than the cost of the ad in which the error occurred, adjusted for duration of ad view. Advertisers will assume full liability for all ad content and shall be held legally responsible for any claims made towards themselves or BarSmart, Inc as a result the ad. Advertisers agree to hold BarSmart free of any and all judgments, losses or expenses including but not limited to legal judgments and associated costs.

Non-profit advertisers may receive special discounts and/or free ad space as decided by the editors.

BarSmart And Its Viewers

BarSmart, Inc owns and operates a fully interactive and popular website for all aspects of nightlight and local news. It has been in operation since 1999 and has a dedicated and growing following. BarSmart lists and reviews every legally established drinking establishment in the Pittsburgh area. attracts local residents looking for new places to spend their free time as well as tourists and travelers looking for the best nightlife that the area has to offer.

BarSmart users range in age from 21 to 80 with the median age being 34, with female users being almost 40% of our readership. These users are active in area nightlife and often looking for places to spend their money.

BarSmart hosts over 25,000 different users a day, with over 125,000 page views shared between them, in other words our average daily user will see at least 5 pages with ads.

Our hits, at over 80 million a month can be compared favorably to any nightlife oriented publication or website.

Advertising On BarSmart

BarSmart offers advertising space throughout in a variety of formats and spots allowing you to flex your advertising dollar as well as giving you the freedom to advertise the way you want to be seen. Guaranteed positioning without an added charge! BarSmart also offers this advertising at a fraction of the cost of our competition! See the following chart for rates:

Acceptable Formats:

jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp or pdf

If you do not have a pre-made ad graphic, we can make one for you contacts us for pricing. If you already have an ad please provide graphics in the above-accepted formats.

For more information - please contact
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